Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for your iPhone 4s 5 4 5s 5c 6 6+ iPod or iPad

Here you can find the best way to bypass icloud activation lock on your iPhone , iPod or iPad . This is the best service to make this procedure very fast and easy. You only need to download the bypass icloud software from this page on your PC and follow the guide bellow . We today in this special post will show you how  to use this service step by step. Many of us have this problem . If you buy iPhone from eBay , other store or on the streat ,  then is possible that the iPhone was stolen from his owner . Then you see that  iCloud activation lock is on , but you dont know the passcode. In this situations is not possible to use your iPhone , iPod or iPad on any SIM card . But We today have solution how to make the bypass icloud process , and to resolve this problem permanent . Bellow you will find the Download link to bypass icloud activation and guide how to use this software .

Bypass iCloud Activation

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

First you need to click Download on the button bellow. Then you need to unzip the file in your computer. This download proces is for free .

 Bypass iCloud Activation

Then when you will download this software tool just follow the five steps bellow:
Step 1. Instal the latest version on iTunes on your PC.
Step 2. Put your Device in DFU mode and start the Removal iCloud Activation Tool.
Step 3. Now click on Start button , then begins bypass iCloud process.
Step 4. When this process will be complete , then begins auto restore on your iPhone , iPod or iPad.
Step 5. When you will restart your iPhone, you need to set your new device . The icloud activation lock is removed from your device.
This is all that you need to do for use your device agen . The Activation is removed  from your iPhone , iPod or iPad  and Yes the most important is that this is permanet solution. We hope that this bypass icloud activation metod will help you . This service is support for all iOS versions. Follow us on our Facebook page.